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  • 10 Most Popular Ideas for Photo Booth in Denver

    Given the pulsating party life of Denver, Colorado, the growing popularity of photo booths is not unusual. In fact, the growing varieties of uniquely designed photo booths hold the center of attention at the weddings and parties. So we present you the 10 high-octane photo booth ideas for your next birthday or anniversary party.

    The 10 Most Popular Photo Booth Ideas for the Denver Party Scene

    1. The Luxe Lights

      The pomp factor should accentuate the flare of the party scenes and choosing the perfect kind of light will help you achieve the objective. Here comes the ultra-modern and interactive LED light theme for your event in Denver. It is an updated take on the original classic schemes. Choose the color that complements the color scheme of your party theme.

    2. The Virtual Graffiti Wall

      Irrespective of the type of event you are organizing in Denver, all you want is an interactive photo booth. A virtual graffiti wall lets your guests to be creative. It is sure to make a buzz among your guests. Each of them will go back home with a precious photo favor. The interactive spray can technology lets them to hone their creative side and helps them to print a masterpiece party photo favor.

    3. The Instagram Photo Booth & the Print Station

      Want a unique experience? Opt for the InstaCam photo booth. In one hand, you are offering your guests to revive the traditional photo booth experience while in other, it lets them to print a photo favor exactly mimicking an Instagram post. Your guests can custom print the photos from the kiosk.

    4. Lounge Photos

      Here comes the opportunity of having a luxurious photo shoot for your next party. Having a photo favor on a white backdrop, with a classic white couch, gorgeous white carpet, photo shoot fans and lights; it is your take to get hold of a glamour shot. Hold your breath for an incredible result.

    5. Zing it!

      The Zing It Photo Booth and the Zing It Kiosk are the perfect head turners and entertainment options for your guests. The photo booth stands at 8 ft. height and is equipped with color-changing LED light tops and a completely customizable exterior. The Zing It Photo Booth lets you print an unlimited number of photos. The photo booth is capable of entertaining all age groups with the youngsters having their photos on their phones and the adults having their photo prints.

    6. Selfie Mirror

      We all love a perfect selfie. Nothing seems better if a mirror camera would replace our cell phone to capture a perfect selfie! The first ever image-capture mirror is going to revolutionize the art of selfie photography.

    7. Super Booth

      Want to offer a truly interactive experience to your guests? Hire a super photo booth. It is a complete package of entertainment with surround music, pulsating lights and a video playing screen.

    8. The Giant Strip Photo Booth

      Think different, do different- take the help of a giant strip photo booth. It is unlikely your typical strip of photo and prints a mega strip comprising of four 4*6 photos.

    9. The Red Carpet Photo Booth

      Make your guests the feeling of being a celebrity. Hire a Red Carpet and Stanchons photo booth, which comes with a custom Step and Repeat. We would say it a perfect Hollywood theme!

    10. Open Air Photo Booth

      Make large group photos a fun-filled activity with an open air photo booth!

    A Denver photo booth is evolving and changing its style to match with the colorful and free-thinking philosophy of the millennials. Make the party scene a lifetime memory with the unique themes of photo booths.

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