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  • Capture Your Sweet Sixteen With A Photo Booth In Denver

    sweet sixteen

    Turning sixteen is a “sweet” occasion. Planning a sweet sixteen party is fun. Of course, you want your sixteenth birthday party to be memorable. Of course, you want your party to be the best among all your friends’. So how do you exactly do that?

    Arranging such a grand event is never easy. Everything just has to be perfect, from the venue to the lights, from the dress to the cake; the best way to deal with such situation is to create a checklist in advance.

    The planning stage:

    The date is important

    The most important thing while planning any party is the date. Check out the calendar and plan the party on a weekend. You don’t want your guests to miss the fun just to do something as lame as to work or study! Even if the party is planned a couple days after your actual birthday, it’s not that big a deal – but having an empty venue will definitely dampen the mood!

    Who is in, who is out

    Make sure to create a checklist of all your closest friends and family that you want in your birthday party. Plan one month in advance, and request an RSVP so you’ll know who all will be free on that particular date.

    The venue

    Once you have created the guest list, you will know whether to go for a big party hall or a more intimate venue. Check the availability of your choice venues in Denver on the date of the party.

    Make it memorable

    Since your sixteenth birthday is so special, create a special invitation for your guests. Since you want the party to be a grand success, planning every detail carefully is very important. Get friends and family involved in the planning so you can reminisce about the whole process!

    To theme or not to theme?

    Theme based parties can be awkward or they can be twice the fun. Themed décor, music, lighting, food, even dress code can add another level to your party. Will it be a classic debutante ball or a relaxed Hawaiian luau? If you are unable to come up with the right theme, you can check out popular theme based parties in Denver, to get your gears turning.

    The food corner

    Aside from the birthday guy or gal, food is the main attraction in any party. You can check out the catering service with the booked venue or you can check out the good restaurants in Denver. Before booking from any place, try out their food all by yourself, don’t just go by reviews and recommendations.

    What’s a party without entertainment?

    Don’t leave any stone unturned! Make your sixteenth birthday party one of the best parties in Denver. Hire a DJ for some superb dance music. Make your party a little different from the others. Rent a photo booth to capture cherished moments with your guests. Your sixteenth birthday will come only once. Capture it to share sweet memories later on!

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