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  • Can A Mere Photo Booth Give Stray Animals A Home?

    Denver Photo Booth

    Photo booths are usually associated with events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies or company parties. Capturing moments is what photo booths are used for. However, there are some people in Boulder, Colorado who have taken the matter beyond capturing moments. They are using photo booths to spread awareness about homeless pets and work along with the animal rights organizations to help stray animals find a place to live.

    Recently a photo booth rental company in Boulder has come up with a unique idea to help stray animals find homes. They bring the stray animals together for photo shoots and later publish those photos in social media where thousands of potential pet parents can see a dog or cat to adopt.

    In the United States, there are as many as 20 million stray animals. In Boulder alone you would find countless homeless animals who would love a home where they will be cared for and appreciated, safe from Colorado’s rough winters.

    The animal shelters of Boulder have taken the initiative of bringing these animals out of the elements. The rescue work has been going on for a long. However, to complete the rescue work, the shelters need to find homes for the animals they are bringing from the street. This is a challenge which not only the animal shelters of Boulder are facing, but the animal shelters all over US are going through.

    The problem arises with the stigma of a shelter pet. This usually pushes people away from adopting a shelter animal. Even the ardent animal lovers don’t want to adopt the animals from a shelter. The photo booth rental company of Boulder is trying to push past this resistance by showing how adorable and loving shelter animals can be.

    Whether this effort of the Boulder photo rental booth yields desired result or not is something to be seen. For the sake of the stray animals, everyone is keen on a solution to find homeless animals a place to call home.

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