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  • The Photo Booth in the Age of Instagram


    Instagram has been the most popular social media site that has been used widely for sharing photographs. The photographs are the sign of a memoir of any place visited, or any gathering or better to call it as a get-together, or a place that is worth visiting for its natural bounty. Photographs tell it all. Sharing the pictures helps others, the person viewing them, gather knowledge about the place and the things. Photos are worth collecting.

    Many people can’t believe that even in this world of advanced photography, “old-fashioned” photo booths still have a place. They believe that the quality of the photographs shot in the photo booths is never of the best quality. It also haunts their mind that why would a person shell out cash on a photograph that has a grainy resolution, darker images, when the provisions of applying hundreds of filters, adjusting light by either tilting the lens or using the filters and the shades.

    Even in the age of the advanced photography and photography techniques, the photo booth still exists. How it has been possible when everything is supposed to be decade old and are almost on the list of being a vintage? The fact lies in the story behind people’s craze has never let the photo booth to die.

    The arrangement and the décor of the photo booths make it one of the most exciting and romantic places to get snapped. The seating arrangement of the photo booths is what makes people of all generation love it. While for the older generation, it is almost equivalent to time traveling, cherishing the old memories while for the younger generation it is full of excitement and enticement.

    Another advantage of the photo booths that have made the craze for it is the instant service. The modern day photography takes time in delivering the hard copy of the photo snapped. While in the photo booths, one can get the instant copy of the photographs. There is obviously a better feeling of taking back a hard copy of the memories rather than locking them in the phone or camera memory.

    From the business point of view, the companies that are offering the service of photo booths are making a pretty sure amount of the profit making use of this vintage photography box. The owners believe that there is no substitute to these boxes. To give these photo booths a touch of technology, the companies have been successfully attaching modern day gadgets to it. The demand of these photo booths can also be seen in some of the grand parties.

    Any celebration is incomplete without the proper snapping. It depends upon the host and the guest which type of the photo booths need to be hired. The companies have photo booths that can be fully automated to fully manual. Other factors like the kind of photo the people want to snap- a digital or a classy one- determines the type of the photo booth that is to be hired.

    The best part of such types of photo booths in recent days is that they can be customized. The photographs snapped are natural. However, proper editing, photoshopping can be done on request. It is all about the experience and the concept of photographing that makes the photo booth worth a memorable one.

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