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  • Consider These 11 Tips Before Renting A Photo Booth in Boulder

    renting photo booth in boulder

    Boulder is a booming city. People here work hard and party harder. Be it a celebration of some kind, or, corporate party, one way or other people are always on the roll. Because the party mood at Boulder never ends, it becomes a little difficult for the party organizers to add something new to each party. Maybe that is the reason any Boulder is the first city to accept any new concept. Photo booth rental is one of the concepts which Boulder has accepted with open arms. However, if you are going for a Photo Booth Rental in Boulder, consider this:

    Begin with the Cocktail Hour

    Oh, yes, it is important because the fun usually begins with cocktail hour. At the time cocktail hour, people explore their curiosity and begin their quest for something new to experience. If you start the photo booth late, people’s attention might drift from the photo booth to the dance floor. The idea is to help them experience maximum pleasure while they are on the party premise.

    Keep it Close

    The placement of the photo booth is important. The party organizers of Boulder make sure to place the photo booth close to the spot where the action is taking place. This is the way people would enjoy the photo booth by stepping inside for a group photo.

    Plan a Tour

    It might sound strange but, many bride and groom forget to get inside the booth because of the hectic wedding ceremony schedule. To avoid missing the fun, you must plan who would escort you to the booth. This is the way you would not forget to make a visit to the photo booth rental.

    Pick up the Right Photo Album

    Well, people might argue on this, but, buying a black album for your wedding photo display would be a great idea. The photo strips along with glittery gel pens for comment would add both style and art to the album.

    Customize the Photo Strips

    Those, who are planning to add photo strips to the wedding album, can use customization for special effect. You can add special messages or quotes to make the album interesting.

    Tailor the Photos

    Yes, the photographers of Boulder would encourage you to do this as tailoring photos make stunning wedding albums. Color photos are a fantastic addition to a wedding album. But, black and white have its own appeal and you need to explore options that are there. For a retro touch which is both elegant and romantic, opt for black and white photos.

    Take it to Another Level

    You see, the idea is to do something unique. Instead of going for the normal photos, you can opt for 2”X6” photo frames. This would look great on the wedding album.

    Arrange for a Projector

    Usually, the photo booth rentals create a CD of the wedding photos and hand it over to the bride and groom. For extra fun effect, you can arrange for a projector where you can show the photos like a movie for the benefits of the guest. At the end of the ceremony, this would add a sense of fun.

    Create Duplicates

    It is a great idea to send out thank you notes to the guests later on. You can make the notes special by adding some of the photos taken at the wedding to the note. It would surely make your guests happy.

    Choose with Care

    In a city like Boulder, you would get a plethora of photo booth rentals. However, this array of choices would not make your selection easy. If anything, you are going to be confused. To make the right choice, you must ask the companies to send you samples of photos their booth would produce. Also, you must ask for the photo of the booth which would be placed at the ceremony. It is the best way to make the right decision.

    Go Easy with the Props

    Yes, do try to go overboard with the props. It might lead to thousands of useless photo strips. Instead, go light and allow the real personalities of your guests to come out.

    Because photo booth rentals are popular among party organizers, it is important to book early. This is a great way to add a special feature to the party that you are throwing.


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