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  • Tips To Create DIY Photo Booth

    DIY photo booths have become quite a popular phenomenon in the recent times. It is more of a fun concept and is being frequently added to parties and weddings in particular. There are no fixed guidelines while you create your very own photo booth.

    You can go as you like with the designs. The set up’s can vary but still create some great memorable pictures. But, if you are a first timer, then why not be informed about the essentials for building a DIY photo booth. That’s way your creation will be durable, creative and well as effective. However, you can always go about experimenting.

    It’s time to set up!

    Add some fun with props

    photo boothDIY photo booths are very much in vogue. They bring a fun mood to every party. Keep a handy box right next to the photo booth. Fill it up with all the goodies based on your party theme. Pep up the experience and time of your friends, family, and guests in the party or wedding. Just remember the more the fun, the more your party will be a hit and the talk of the neighborhood.

    Be creative and prepare an awesome backdrop

    photo booth rental in AuroraYou can either pop it up, make it fancy or might as well go for a simpler backdrop. Your choice! The best thing to do is to choose a solid color background to get best photos. Too much complication in the backdrop might just end of spoiling the ultimate picture. Matching the dimensions of the wall with the camera frame is important. Save a penny with gaffer tapes to attach the backdrop or for more durability buy one of those pocket-friendly stands.

    Provide adequate light

    Camera flashlight set-up is secondary. Get your primary concern at a place. The total inner space of your DIY photo booth must be properly lit. The insides shouldn’t seem gloomy rather the entire booth space has to be bright and glowing. Want to minimize possibilities of shadows?

    Opt for powerful external studio flashlights with umbrellas that will efficiently bounce back the light. Now, don’t get all bored when you hear about lighting. It can be of any color and not necessarily just plain white.

    Install the camera and let the action begin

    Photo booths generally do not have photographers behind the lens. In fact, that is what the concept is all about. The crux is that you get to act as weird as you would want inside the booth and create memorable pictures without the worry of being sober. You have the freedom! After all, who would want to act sober after a few drinks?! It’s a party!

    The camera should be set on a tripod with a remotely controllable shutter or timer. The minimum shutter speed has to be at 1/200. For an accurate focus on large groups, a minimum of f/5.0 aperture setting is needed. Chalk or tape the floor to show guests where to stand to get in the frame.

    So, start off with the first one and become experts at creating DIY photo booths to make your party fun.

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