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  • 12 DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

    wedding photo booth

    Weddings are defining events in our lives. The food, the open bars, and dressing up are great, but the best thing about attending a wedding ceremony is being able to watch the celebration of love. From professional photographers to smartphone selfies we’ve gone to great lengths to capture these precious memories. Have you considered renting a photo booth for your big day?

    Wedding planners in Aurora, Colorado have been getting more and more of a previously odd request: to have a photo booth at the reception. Photography has long had a special role at weddings, capturing moments for the bride, groom, and families to cherish for the rest of their lives.

    In the age of Instagram, amateur photography is all the rage, but a wedding is not the best venue to juggle smartphones taking pictures. Couples in Aurora are experimenting with photo booths to suit the needs of their guests in a convenient way that makes sharing photos easier than ever. Is a photo right for your wedding? Check out some ideas below!

    Theme 1 – Couch Quote and Cute Moments

    Before you get in touch with the agencies for Photo Booth Rental in Aurora, you can consider this excellent theme for your wedding ceremony. Place a couch against a wall and fill out the blank space with a favorite quote. This will be a great background for wedding photos.

    Theme 2 – Flowery and Sweet

    You can decorate the backdrop with fresh blooms to add some energy to your wedding photos. This will turn the background into a sweet and memorable scene.

    Theme 3 – Tri-fold for Multidimensional Effect

    You can choose a base color for the wall where you will place the couch, then find some other color to paint multiple quotes to make the background interesting.

    Theme 4 – Framing the Memory

    This is a fresh idea which many Aurora wedding organizers are using. Oversized picture frames are great for adding character to your guests’ photos.

    Theme 5 – Paper Flower for Fresh Photos

    Paper flowers are so pretty that many wedding couples are using them to decorate the backdrop of their photo booth. You too can use the idea for your wedding photos.

    Theme 6 – Simple Wood and Flower

    The combination of wood and flowers makes for a rustic yet classy backdrop. This versatile idea is being used in many Colorado weddings today.

    Theme 7 – Curtain and Lighting

    This is a simple decoration; however, it has an immense effect on the photo. You can create a romantic setting just by adding sheer curtains and lighting to the backdrop.

    Theme 8 – Flashy and Shimmering

    Foil curtains are available in different colors and designs. Try a golden one to create a dazzling photo background.

    Theme 9 – Go Glittery

    This is another paper flower theme popular with Aurora wedding planners. However, this one is a slightly different version as here you get to add glitter to let the backdrop shimmer.

    Theme 10 – Chalkboard Fun

    Not up for a static backdrop? Just add a chalkboard and allow the guests to scribble some message on it before the photo shoot!

    Theme 11 – Props of Your Own

    With enough interesting props, who cares about the backdrop decoration? The props will be enough to make their photos memorable.

    Theme 12 – Make it Lacy

    In case of an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can find a corner to decorate with lacy curtains. This will create a romantic environment to inspire your guests.

    There are countless ideas for your photo booth theme. Unleash your imagination and allow yourself to experiment! This will surely help you come up with something unique and fun.

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