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  • The Latest Photo Booth Trends: An Instant Photography Solution

    Denver Photo Booth

    Are you tired of taking selfies at parties? To be honest, a selfie cannot add much creativity to a photograph other than different facial expressions. Moreover, taking selfies has some restrictions. But when you are photographed in a photo booth, you can let your imagination run wild and take different kind of photos, depending on the theme and location. Overall, the photo booth owners are marketing these trends like hot cakes. As the popularity of photo booths is still growing, here we will discuss the latest trends.

    Denver Photo Booth

    GIF loops:

    This feature is used to string several photos in an animated form. In a photobooth, you can quickly take a few images, and later those will be looped together. There is powerful and necessary software used in Denver photo booths to offer this feature as an endless opportunity of creating memories.

    Denver Photo Booth

    Glam filter:

    With this feature, you can glam up your photographs with lots of editing and filter options. This feature touches up the image and has been used by renowned photographers.

    Denver Photo Booth

    Lip-syncing booths:

    You can give the party attendees an opportunity to create short videos of themselves lip-syncing the latest hits. It was difficult in the past to draw music into a photobooth. But for a Denver photo booth, this is no longer impossible.

    Denver Photo Booth

    3D gifs:

    Posting a GIF on social media is exciting, but when the photographs or GIFs have a 3D effect, they add icing on the cake. Being the customer’s favorite pick, this rules the list of the hottest features. There are several cameras installed at different angles and positions in the booth, and images are taken within a few seconds. As a result, it creates an animated GIF with a 360-degree effect.

    Denver Photo Booth

    Customized booth:

    According to the party theme or the corporate event, you can add customized photo booths to the party to complement the overall experience.

    Denver Photo Booth

    Green screen background:

    Other than posing for plain photographs, if your guests have the option to pose in front of different backgrounds, it will be of more fun for them. You can add different backdrops like a beach, a valley or even a monument.

    Are you puzzled about choosing among the features? Do not be; rather, contact Red Dirt Photo Booth to learn more about them. Our Denver photo booth rental company will help you plan and set up a photo booth for your event at an affordable rate.

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