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  • The Hottest Photo Booth Trends In 2018

    Photo Booth Rental Aurora

    Though there is a surge in Instagram and Facebook popularity, photo booths still have the same appeal of making any event special. Smartphones with high-resolution cameras and editing apps have made people self-sufficient in taking pictures and adding filters to them, but that does not affect the popularity of photo booths. The fun is the key. Utilizing technology, the photo booth companies adopt features that add to the fun of a photo booth. Do you have an upcoming event where you want to install a photo booth for your guests? You should know the latest trends in photo booth rentals. Here you go!

    Ring Roamer

    The Ring Roamer is a very innovative but simple idea. This light-weight shell has a built-in ring light to provide the effects of studio photos, especially in low light. It illuminates  with a small power battery pack. Even in a dark nightclub, it is capable of lighting up a cool picture of you. This feature is a newbie to photo booth rentals in Aurora. And it is in high demand!

    Photo Booth Rental Aurora

    360-Degree Photos

    This is an excellent form of photography that captures an entire 360-degree moment in time. Your photo booth rental in Aurora will set up multiple cameras in an array to photograph every angle. This is an extremely exciting feature with which to add a professional touch to the photos.

    Photo Booth Rental Aurora

    Virtual Reality

    You may be wondering how virtual reality can be relevant to a photo booth. The bliss of technology gives wings to the imagination and helps people look around the virtual world by holding a device to their eyes. Now, photo booths have this feature, with which  you can capture yourself in that virtual world. Many photo booth rentals in Aurora have adopted this feature.

    Photo Booth Rental Aurora

    Leaf Blower Experience

    Have you ever fantasized about having excellent pictures in which you are out in nature with your hair flowing in the wind? A professional photographer can do it for you, but you need either a studio or a natural environment to get the best effect. However, the leaf blower effect in a photo booth can fulfill your dream. This new phenomenon of photo booths will surely increase its demand this year.

    Photo Booth Rental Aurora

    Projector Backdrops

    There is no need to prepare a new backdrop for each photo according to each individual’s preference. A projector can satisfy this need. It will not be dull as a normal backdrop, but rather, it will affect the background and you as well. The photo will be super cool and out of the box.

    If you are planning to include all these innovative ideas in your event, contact Red Dirt Photo Booth and blow your guests’ minds with some memorable images.

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