Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other photo booths?
Our prints are designed by a professional graphic artist to coordinate with your event. We also have a monitor on the exterior of the booth where we can show photos or logos.
How many pictures can be taken in your booth?
We offer unlimited pictures during the time frame you have contracted. Basically, the faster your guests get in and out of the booth, the more pictures that can be taken.
How long does it take for guests to get their photos?
Photos print out 30 seconds after the fourth picture is taken.
What kind of Camera is used to take the pictures?
The camera used is a 14 megapixel Canon EOS, DSLR camera.
What type of photos will we get from the photo booth?
Our Sony printer gives you a full color 4 X 6 print with four poses, not the typical photo strip. This gives you many more options for framing and placing in a photo album.
How many people can be in my picture?
Our photo booth does not have a solid back so you can pack-them-in. We are not limited by a little bench designed for two.
Do you have props available for my guests to use? How much do they cost?
Absolutely. The use of props are included with all our packages. Almost everyone likes to dress up.
How can the booth be personalized for my event?
We have a monitor on the exterior of the booth. We can show photos, logos or advertising. This coordinates with the prints and welcome screen inside the booth.
How much space does the photo booth require?
The booth fits on a 5X7 carpet. The prop table is 4” X 20”. The memory book table for weddings is a 36” round bistro table.
What is I want more photos?
Photos from all of our events are posted on our website. Downloading is FREE.
Can my photo booth be outdoors?
Yes, we need a flat surface, access to electricity and a back-up location in case of inclement weather.
What does the photo booth look like?
Photos are coming soon!
How does the wedding memory book work?
We provide double prints, one for the guest to keep, one to be placed in memory book. Includes everything guests need to personalize the memory book and includes the memory book itself.